Seneca Waterways 2023 Contingent Details

July 19 - 28, 2023

Requirements to Attend

There are some requirements to attend the 2023 National Jamboree.


Lean how to register for the SWC Jamboree 2023 Contingent

Cost and Payments

What is the cost to attend with the SWC 2023 Jamboree Contingent?

What is included

There is a lot included in the price to attend.

Requirements to Attend

To attend the 2023 BSA National Jamboree, there are some specific requirements that each Scout must meet.

Scouts BSA Requirements (see details below)

  • Age: Minimum of 12 years of age and less than 18 years of age.
  • Rank: First Class or higher.

BSA Venture Crew Requirements (see details below)

  • Age: Minimum of 14 years of age or completed the 8th grade and not older than 20 by July 28 2023.

Young Adult Program (see details below)

  • Age: 18 to 20 years of age .

Adult Leaders (see details below)

Jamboree Staff (see details below)

Detailed Requirements

Registration Steps

Registration for the National Scout Jamboree 2023 is a two part process.


Step 1

Register with SWC

Go to the Seneca Waterways Council registration site and pay the $100 non-refundable registration fee. 

See the payment plan that has been defined below.

Register with SWC ...

Step 2

Register with National Scout Jamboree

Once the registration opens on the National Scout Jamboree site,
register there also.

NOTE: All payments will be made to Seneca Waterways Council

Register with National ...

Cost and Payment Schedule

The SWC National Jamboree 2023 Package has a cost of $2375 per person attending.

Early Bird price ended October 31, 2022

Fully Paid Bonus Plan

If you are paid in full by December 31, 2022, you will receive an extra UNCUT Official SWC 2023 Contingent patch set.

Early-Bird Pricing* 

The National registration fee is $1285 if registered by October 31st with a minimum deposit of $600 and goes up to $1500 on November 1st. Therefore, the SWC price will go up to $2590 on November 1st. 


Camperships may be available based on a Scout's need. Please apply as early as possible as there is a limited pool of resources.


The SWC Jamboree Committee will be looking into fundraising opportunities to help defray the cost. Stay tuned for more information.

The following payment plans has been developed to help distribute the payment of the 2023 jamboree over an 11 month period.

Due Date Standard Plan Early Bird Plan
At registration (non refundable) $100 $100
June 15, 2022 $400 $400
July 15, 2022 $195 $315
August 15, 2022 $195 $315
September 15, 2022 $195 $315
October 15, 2022 $195 $315
November 15, 2022 $195 $315
December 15, 2022 $195 Final: $300
January 15, 2023 $195
February 15, 2023 $195
March 15, 2023 $195
April 15, 2023 Final: $120

NOTE: If you register in the middle of payment plan, please pay at least the amount that will catch you up to the payment plan.


NOTE: Image displayed is an example of items a previous contingent received

The SWC Jamboree 2023 Contingent Package includes the following:

  • National Jamboree Fee - includes 10 days of adventure.
  • Youth leader development events.
  • Contingent training weekend.
  • Tents - available for purchase after the Jamboree.
  • Transportation to/from the Summit Bechtel on a touring bus.
  • Meals to/from the Summit Bechtel and all meals at Jamboree.

Stuff We All Get (SWAG)

  • 2 - SWC Jamboree 2023 patch sets
  • 2 - SWC Jamboree 2023 Class B moisture wicking T-Shirts
  • 1 - Jamboree 2023 hat
  • 2 - SWC contingent uniform patch set
          (contingent council patch, contingent troop unit numbers,
          contingent OA pocket flap and patrol patch)
          NOTE: Participants must bring 2 uniform shirts;
          at least one with contingent uniform patches attached.
  • 1 - duffle bag - for personal gear
  • 1 - day pack
  • 1 - Alps 45 degree sleeping bag
  • 1 - water bladder
  • 1 - Nameplate
  • 1 - National Jamboree 2023 neckerchief
  • 2 - National Jamboree 2023 event patches
  • 2 - Luggage tags