The Seneca Waterways 2023 National Jamboree Contingent patch set was developed in partnership with the Strong National Museum of Play to commemorate their World Video Game Hall of Fame.

The colorful 12-piece patch set consists of 9 Jamboree Council shoulder patches and an Order of the Arrow Pocket patch set that surround the center video game console shaped patch. Each patch in the set represents a video game that is inducted in the World video Game Hall of fame making this set one that connects with Scouts and Scouters of all ages. The Strong National Museum of Play is located in Monroe County (Rochester Area), New York which is one of the five counties that make up Seneca Waterways Council.

JSP: The Strong National Museum of Play - The top jamboree council shoulder patch depicts the Strong Museum of Play itself. The Strong Museum of play is one of the largest history museums in the United States. Founded in 1968 by Margaret Woodberry Strong, the Strong houses the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of materials related to play. This patch includes the iconic set of colorful boxes that greet visitors as they arrive at the Strong as well as the unique architecture of the Butterfly Garden and parking garage.

The other 8 over-sized jamboree council shoulder patches each represent a character or style of one of the video games that have been inducted into the World Video game hall of fame placed in and adventure zone at the Summit Bechtel. These include the following:

JSP: The Ropes and Donkey Kong (2017) – This patch contains a Donkey Kong like character climbing on one of the challenges in the Ropes.

JSP: The Bows and The Legend of Zelda (2016) – Shooting at an archery target at the Bows is as Scout in the original 16-bit Link style.

JSP: The Rocks and Centipede (2020) – Climbing at the mushroom ridden Rocks is not a Scout, but a giant centipede. Can you get to the top before the centipede gets you or before time runs out? Give it a try!

JSP: The Barrels and Space Invaders (2016) – Is it an alien invasion at the Barrels? Don’t worry, the Scout with the shotgun depicted on this patch is shooting down those colorful invaders. This patch depicts a vintage ‘green-screen’ style video game with space aliens descending on the Summit Bechtel at The Barrels.

JSP: The Treehouse and Minecraft (2020) – In traditional Minecraft style is the depiction of the Sustainability Treehouse at the Summit. The detail on this patch is amazing.

JSP: The Lake and Pokémon (2017) – Represented n this patch is the Lake with its traditional climbing inflatables and swimming in the water is our very own Sammy the Summit Sea Serpent!

JSP: The Big Zip and Tomb Raider (2018) – Zipping down the USA’s 2nd longest zip line called The Big Zip on this patch is a Scout dressed as iconic Tomb Raider Laura Croft. Yes, the Big Zip is so long it goes through a jungle.

JSP: The TRAX and Super Mario Kart (2019) – This jamboree shoulder patch has cyclers racing around the TRAX being chased by a Mario style character on a go cart. All characters represented on this patch are wearing the prescribed safety helmets!

OA: The Gears and Sonic the Hedge Hog (2016) - At the bottom of the video game console is our Order of the Arrow Lodge’s 2023 Jamboree Pocket patch set. This set has a Sonic-style Ghost Deer racing through the mountain trails at the Gears. Even at night, our Ghost deer will continue to race through the woods as he lights his own trail by glowing-in-the-dark.

Center Patch: Arcade Video Game Console and Pont (2015) -  The center patch 5” wide by 10” tall center patch represents a traditional arcade video game console complete with screen, joy sticks and buttons to fire. The Strong Museum of Play logo is prominently displayed in the center of the video screen which is in the middle of a 20 to 23 two player game of Pong (2015). The lower cabinet of the video game console lists all the video games represented in the patch set and the year each was inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. The graphics of each patch spill into the graphics of the center video game console tying all the patches together into one cohesive patch that spans 14” wide and almost 20” tall.

The completed patch set is 14" wide x 20" tall.
Image above is one of the real, un-cut, limited edition, numbered patches


The Trader's set consists of the 12 patches together measure over 14" wide by just under 20" tall. The set includes all patches described above (to the left). Including:

  • 1 - The Strong JSP
  • 8 - Adventure zone/Video Game HOF JSPs
  • 1 - OA Pocket Flap
  • 1 - OA Pocket Patch
  • 1 - Video game console center patch

  • This amazing patch set is being sold for $100.00 plus shipping.


    Seneca Waterways is proud to offer this complete set in a limited edition, un-cut version. The patch is so large, the set had to be built in two parts. The top un-cut part includes the center game console patch surrounded by all the jamboree council shoulder patches. The bottom part is an uncut version of the Order of the Arrow pocket patch. Both of these parts are then sewn together again to form on complete ‘un-cut’ set. 

    There are only 125 of these sets made. 50 of these are available $135 each.

    Get a set for yourself!

    These sets are now on sale!  Pick up a set to trade or to keep.

    The SWC 2023 Jamboree Council Shoulder Patches

    JSP: the Strong Museum

    JSP: The Ropes & Donkey Kong

    JSP: The Bows & Legend of Zelda

    JSP: The Rocks & Centipede

    JSP: The Barrels & Space Invaders

    JSP: The Treehouse & Minecraft

    JSP: The Big Zip & Tomb Raider

    JSP: The Lake & Poke'mon

    JSP: The Trax & Mario Kart

    The Tschipey Achtu Lodge - Order of the Arrow Pocket Set

    The Gears & Sonic the Hedge Hog

    The Gears & Sonic the Hedge Hog - GLOW